Drafting and checking of draft contracts

Drafting and reviewing of contract drafts is an essential service for businesses and individuals who intend to enter into a contract with another party. The draft contract is the basis for the conclusion of the contract and contains the conditions under which the parties undertake to do certain acts.

Contract drafting and review services may include:

  • preparation of a draft agreement, taking into account the requirements of the parties and in accordance with the requirements of the law;
  • verification of the draft agreement for compliance with the requirements of the legislation and practical requirements of the business;
  • development of additional conditions and ensuring the protection of the rights and interests of the client in the contract;
  • negotiations and consultations with the other party on amendments and clarifications to the draft agreement;
  • preparation and implementation of the procedure for concluding an agreement.

Drafting and review of draft contracts is an important step in concluding a contract and can ensure the protection of the rights and interests of the client, as well as reduce the risks of concluding an unfavorable contract. An experienced lawyer will be able to help the client avoid problems in the future and ensure the successful conclusion of the contract.