Preparation of tax reporting, calculation of mandatory fees and payments

This service helps businesses to comply with tax laws and reduce the risk of tax disputes with the tax authorities.

Our tax advisors provide a detailed analysis of a company's financial performance, including the assessment and reporting of taxes and fees, as well as compliance with mandatory regulatory requirements. We prepare all necessary reports required by the tax legislation, such as tax returns, VAT reports, social security reports, etc.

In addition, we calculate mandatory fees and charges such as land taxes, real estate taxes, excise duties, customs payments, etc. Our specialists carefully analyze the legislation and ensure that all necessary fees and charges are accrued in advance in accordance with local and international standards.

Our service provides companies with peace of mind, risk reduction and optimization of tax expenses. We understand that every business has its own unique needs, which is why we offer an individual approach to each client and provide recommendations to help optimize tax payments and maximize profits.