Audit and assurance services

Our audit and assurance services help companies see further and deeper into their businesses. Our services assist companies in meeting the assurance demands (from regulations and standards), and help our clients work with greater confidence. An audit is not just a service, but a tool for understanding the current state of a company. These services include:

Statutory audit of financial statements of enterprises of public interest Other mandatory tasks in accordance with the requirements of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, the NBU and other public authorities Initiative audit Audit aimed at protecting the interests of the owner with a comprehensive analysis of the company's activities (Due Diligence) Review of financial statements Agreed procedures and other related services


Our competent professionals can offer you targeted, efficient accounting services to help with the most crucial accounting issues for businesses: tax optimization, business development, and legal integrity. We provide you with a full range of services from experienced accountants, lawyers, tax lawyers, 1C computer programmers, and auditors. These services include:

Transformation of financial reporting in accordance with IFRS Consolidation of financial statements Statement of accounting, development of accounting policy Account recovery Taxonomy

Information support

Our Audit Support team takes the tedium out of auditing without putting a strain on the costs and manpower. With trained, qualified and experienced resources solely devoting their time to process audit working papers, auditors can now eliminate the chances of errors or missed deadlines and ensure high-quality disclosures. These services include:

Financial and tax consulting Comprehensive service


Tax audit is an effective protection for business. It is necessary for all spheres of business and helps to reduce losses when paying various penalties. Limited Liability Company "Standard-Audit" will check the tax reporting and audit of calculations with the budget for your company. With us you minimize tax risks, we will help you to correct revealed errors by clarifying reporting. These services include:

Agreed procedures for checking the compliance of taxes and fees with the current legislation and identifying tax risks Preparation of a transfer pricing report Preparation of tax reporting, calculation of mandatory fees and payments Representation of legal entities in disputes on these issues Administrative appeal of decisions of tax authorities Tax consulting Unlocking tax invoices


The compliance of your company activity with current laws is a basic foundation for the company existence and a necessary component for its future. Only in case of due preparation of documentation and skillful protection of your interests with the law enforcement bodies one can talk about a successful business. Limited Liability Company "Standard-Audit" will secure your rights in relations with counteragents and the State authorities by highly qualified personnel and continually updated legal data base. These services include:

Legal support of inspections Services of a legal adviser to ensure the conduct of business activities Negotiating on behalf of legal entities Pre-trial settlement Representation of interests by a lawyer in court Consulting on corporate governance Transactions with land and real estate Transactions with securities Permissions and licenses Migration issues Government Procurement Drafting and checking of draft contracts