Agreed procedures for checking the compliance of taxes and fees with the current legislation and identifying tax risks

This service is provided to help businesses and legal entities understand whether their tax and fees assessments are in accordance with applicable law. Our experts conduct agreed due diligence procedures to identify potential tax risks and identify potential issues that could lead to unfair or excessive payments.

Our experts carefully check all data related to taxation, including reports, financial statements and other documentation. We also carry out an analysis of the correctness of the application of various rates of taxes and fees, including VAT, income tax, real estate tax and others.

If we find any errors or inconsistencies, we will make recommendations to correct the problem and prevent similar problems in the future. We can also provide support for liaison with tax authorities and other organizations providing tax oversight, if necessary.

Overall, this service helps businesses and legal entities reduce the risk of tax errors and ensure compliance with applicable laws, allowing them to focus on their core business and business development.